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Friday March 4th 10am Combinations STROGA

Arabic peel Arabic 3- (flat, ball, ball, ball) with arms  up to start- peel right down  1-4 (flat, ball, ball, ball) alternate arms (right up. left down) 5-8 (flat, ball, ball, ball) alternate arms (left up right down) 1-4 wrap left arms around head, cross right foot over left & cross turn to face front […]

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Thursday March 3rd 8:15pm Fusion Fragment combinations STROGA

review connective moves Arabic 4 (hip twist) taqsim (with arm undulation Egyptian basic 3/4 shimmy cues to get into each move arms in & down with alternating hip locks- Arabic two wrist circles as arms come out & down- Tqasim “take off your t-shirt” arms in cross & up- Egyptian propeller arms (left up right […]

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Wed March 2nd 6:30 beginner 1 technique B2D

glutes pelvic locks front Pelvic locks back Interior hip squares rib slides Horizontal rib circles

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Tuesday March 1st 7:30 drills & skills B2D

shoulders- circles, arcs, squares (front to back, back to front) Arms- snake arms, undulations

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where does the time go?

My apologies for the hic-up in notes… remember your 5 mins for 5 days & i’ll see ya in class!!

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Thursday Feb 16th Fragments 8:15pm Stroga

Johny Ryall Connective move: basic Egyptian 5, 6                                        7, 8 Cue: arms pull down to right hip & then to left hip in a low version of the normal Egyptian 1 & 2 &                                                             3 & 4 & Horizontal rib cage circle l, f, r, b step out right  together, reverse ribs to r, f, […]

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thursday 2/17 11:30am turbo tribal Stroga

Chills & Thrills combo email Bella for document

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Sat week beginning Feb 5th 3:30pm Stroga

warm up review posture 5 min review alternating hips with good posture 5min review shimmy 4/4 5 min review pivot bump (right) then choo choo right 5 min review pivot bump (left) then choo choo left 5-7 min review egyptian basic – start with hips, add arms 5 min review arabic 3- flat, ball, ball, […]

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Wed beginner technique Feb 16 6:30 B2D

warm up external hip circles (r,f,l,b  & l,f,r,b) Large and small interior hip circles (right hip up, lower abs, left hip, release lower back) hip crescent with step (crescent to the right, crescent to the left) exterior hip circle traveling right & left (step together step) concentric hip circle- large external hip circle, small external […]

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Tues 8:30 adv. fragemnts feb 15th B2D

worked on changing sides (jykel & hyde) Jykels-  intensify & shimmy shakedown Hyde- chills & thrills & transformer stage left- Mr. Hyde stage right Dr. Jykel Mr Hyde initiate group change on 1- hang out till you can join. run combos 🙂

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