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B2D Tuesday 6/26/12 Beginner 1 6:45 (3/10)

Review posture Review from last 2 weeks Horizontal hip twist Right forward- left back & left forward- right back Side to side weight shift Side to side weight shift at a diagonal Horizontal fig 8 front to back (slow, med, fast) Horizontal fig 8 back to front (slow, med, fast) Shoulder isolations Individually drill R […]

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DC Thursday 6/21 8:30 Beginner 2 (3/6)

propeller turn (right arm cue) corkscrew turn (both arms cue) wrap around turn Sununda (3/4 over stepping patter right front, left in place, right open, left in place, right front left in place, right open left in place, right behind, left in place, right open left in place, right behind left in place, right open, […]

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DC Thursday 6/21 7:30 Fragments (3/6)

review Dark & Twisty & Grapies lead change & all 6 connective moves with cues Grapies   Connective move: Arabic hip twist Cue: sweep right arm behind head & out to side  (7,8) Arms out to sides Step right behind left,  (1) left open to side (2) right across left (3) left out to side […]

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DC Thursday 6/21 6:30 Clock Work (3/6)

warm up glutes: full contractions  R, L and alternating 2 part contractions R, L 2 part release R, L 3 part contraction R, L 3 part release R, L rib slides (side to side) rib angles up (R & L) upper back & diaphragm chest lifts upper ab contractions rib angles down (R & L) […]

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B2D Wednesday 6/20 8:45 Beginner 2 (2/10)

review from last week- pivot bump, choo choo, arabic 1,2,3 New material: 3/4 shimmy (step on right foot, lift right hip up, down up- 1 e &  step on left foot lift left hip up, down up 2 e &) slow, medium & fast Chico 4 corners Turkish Shimmy  (right & left) Reach & Sit […]

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B2D Wednesday 7:45 Intro to Fragments (2/10)

review connective moves, transitions & lead change Grapies   Connective move: Arabic hip twist   Cue: sweep right arm behind head & out to side  (7,8) Arms out to sides Step right behind left,  (1) left open to side (2) right across left (3) left out to side with a hip twist (4)   step […]

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B2D Wednesday 6/20 7:45 Electronic Expression (2/10)

warm up seated drills- lower abs, upper abs, upper back glutes- singles/ alternating/ 1/2 way contractions, 1/2 way release picking out parts of the music- the lines bass line snare line hihat line melody Song: Lights by:Ellie Goulding/ Bassnectar remix technique: base drum and snare line body wave down to up (1,2,3 hold) head ribs […]

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B2D Tuesday 6/19 8:45 Fragments (2/10)

review: Collision, Spit Fire, Fusion Fuel, ASP, Grapies Sassafras   Connective move: Turkish Shimmy   Cue out: arms up & flick wrists out (5) cross arms to opposite shoulders (6) Slide arms open to shoulder & cross right foot over left (7) cross turn to face back, hands to behind the back position (8) pull […]

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B2D Tuesday 6/19 7:45 ABS (2/10)

warm up exhale out all air- suck belly up into ribs pulse 1 pulse 2 pulse 4 flutter review- “ha” – flutter seal off at the throat- flutter belly roll standing – in upper abs, in lower abs, our upper abs, out lower abs and reverse – in lower abs, in upper abs, out lower […]

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B2D Tuesday 6/19 6:45 Beginner 1 (2/10)

Review posture Review hips from last week Horizontal hip slides side to side (slow, med, fast) Horizontal hips forward & back External hip circles Horizontal – external hip circles R, F, L, B (slow, med, fast) Horizontal – external hip circles L, F, R, B (slow, med, fast) Alternating direction Horizontal rib slides side to […]

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