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B2D Tuesday 5/28 6:45 Beginner 2 (10/10)

review ghwazee shimmy romka turn water pot sununda reshamka arabic flourish basic egyptian shoulders with drops turkish shimmy 3/4 shimmy chico 4 corners reach & sit arabic hip twist arabic 2

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Epic Thursday 5/23/13 Fusion (2/3)

The healing power of belly dance discussion glute drills standing glute drills traveling hip/ glute drills walking 1/4 time (1,3) hips 1/2 time R,l,R,l (1,2,3,4) walking 1/4 time hips full time R,L,R,L (1&2&3&4&)

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Epic Thursday 5/23/13 6:30 Tribal Belly Dance (2/3)

Water Pot- cue with arms 8 counts and then the ball change Indian turn to the right, then left, then right, then left Ghawezee Shimmy- arms cue down 3/4 shimmy facing forward for 4 counts 1/4 turn over left shoulder 1,2 1/4 turn over left shoulder 1,2 1/4 turn over left shoulder 1,2 1/4 turn […]

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B2D Wed 5/8/13 8:45 fusion fan choreo (8/10)

fan choreo with counts (all of 1st song) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iua4MnWIQvg fan choreo with music (all of 1st song) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRlvAWTzi88   fan chore song 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGdh-RCwoBY Part 1- 5 kneeling 7 walking in from sides     kneeling ladies have back toward audience & begin creepy arm undulations fans for walking in people are set     […]

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B2D Wed 5//8/13 7:45 B-2 (8/10)

Week 8: Body Locks & Waves Review posture Drill Upper back (slow, med, fast) Upper abs (slow, med, fast) Upper back- center- upper abs- center (slow, med, fast) Upper back to upper abs to upper back (slow, med, fast) Lower abs (slow, med fast) Lower Back (slow, med, fast) Lower abs – center- lower back- […]

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B2D Wed 5/8 6:45 Hybrid (8/10)

worked on indi fragment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rfu8ESUWjI Indi   Connective move: taqsim with arm undulation   5                                  6                             7                    8 Cue: right arm push up with arm undulation, left arm push up with arm undulation     1 Cross step right foot over left, right arm swoops behind head comes up palm up wrist   Leading from […]

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B2D Tuesday 5/7 8:45 Cymbals choreo (8/10)

revised masmoudi- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv5rrXlvdgc Fellahin / Dervish  choreo entire dance with zill speak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rTl4YiEw_s   Begin posed arms up, wrist’s together facing up stage   1-8 interior hip circle, b,r,f,l,b 1-8  hip hit 1 & (R,L) draw left arm down behind head & press out, look over hand 1& (hips hit (R,L) 5,6,7,8 turn to face […]

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B2D Tuesday 5/7 7:45 cymbals (8/10)

reviewed entire song with cymbals various speeds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmmzJ-mE928 and reworked the masmoudi portion (see the 8:45 notes) 1& 1&   7,8&a 1&  5 6 7 1&  3&4&5 1&  3&4&5 1&  3&4&5 1&   5  6  7  8 & a1 & a2 & a3    & a 5 & 6 e & 7 & a1 & a2 & a3    […]

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B2D Tuesday 5/7/13 6:45 B-2 (8/10)

yoga joint freeing warm up introduce: Ghawazee Shimmy Waterpot review: arabic 1,2,4 (right & left) pivot bumpchoochoo bump chico 4 corners

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DC Thursday 5/2 7:30 dubstep (5/5)

reviewed and ran the dance start to finish various speeds 🙂 great job ladies!!!  

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