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B2D Wed. July 3, 6:45 Fierce & Flirty (5/10)

review wicked walk review and work on pelvic – vertical 8 up to down with walk back with ball change= pelvic shuffle 🙂 hips – ribs- head head- ribs – hips          

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B2D Tuesday July 2, 8:45 Advanced fragments (5/10)

review of direction change Bent spit fire milk & honey tunsies alternate realityrumors   so much fun!!!!

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B2D Tuesday July 2, 7:45 locks, layers (5/10)

conditioning! warm up with shimmies and layers then lots and lots of conditioning! new pilates for your hips and legs 🙂

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B2D Tuesday July 2, 6:45 Beginer 1 (5/10)

review vertical fig 8- hips- up to down individual circles (right & left, unweighted and weighted)alternating= Maya snake arms elbow, wrist, flow- pull down elbow, wrist and flow with fingers alternate

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DC Practice :)

the new session begins NEXT Thursday!!! Thursday July 11! Until then here is Turnsies, a combination which includes lots of our tribal moves. We will review it in the new session 🙂

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B2D Wed 6/19 8:45 improv (2/10)

percussive combo to rhythm- Saidi DtDDt just to the “D” with hips with ribs with shoulders percussive combo to Baladi DDtktDtkt Just to the “D” with hips with ribs with shoulders percussive combo to rhythm- Saidi DtDDt add “t” with hips with ribs with shoulders percussive combo to rhythm- Baladi DtDDt with hips with ribs […]

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B2D Wed 6/19 7:45 Beginer 2 (3/10)

3/4 shimmy review Turkish Shimmy review chico 4 corners review reach & sit review wrist circles

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B2D Wed 6/19 6:45 fierce / flirty fragments 1 (3/10)

begin combinations for Spit Fire Wicked walk step out 1 with shoulder roll back switch weight & shoulder forward 2 ribs same side dominent to start- horizontal circle toward audience 3 & 4 shoulders over, over, back, back (starting with upstage shoulder) 5&6& upper back 7 roll down & 8 pelvic fig 8- front to […]

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b2d tues 6/22 adv. fragments (3/10)

the video is not uploading from my hotel room ;(   double back cue: right flourish 5 left flourish up 6 cross turn right 7 around & down to floor &8 look up 1 roll right shoulder back & come up 2 left shoulder back & come up 3 hop- left, right -out & 4 […]

can you buy Keppra over the counter in dubai

b2d tuesday 6/22 7:45 locks/layers (3/10)

warm up push ups 3/4 shimmy 3/4 shimmy over zoe leg pattern (releve passe high passe attitude around step back) add arms   🙂  

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