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B2D Sword 7/1 (3/9)

Maya Spin Taqsim twirl Shave & Recover Slash & Turn check your video group 🙂

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B2D 7/1 Turbo Tribal (3/9)

Pelvis Part 1 feeling the bones: sacroiliac joint head of femur in the pelvic socket pelvic locks lower abs pelvic figure 8’s – vertical (up to down & down to up) – releve’ – passe’

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B2d Tuesday 7/1 Isolate & Flow (3/9)

twisting movement: horizontal twist in hips horizontal fig 8 front to back horizontal fig 8 back to front shoulder singles- front to back alternating shoulders

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B2D Wed 6/25 POI (2/5)

review from week 1- downbeat stuff cross over (single arm) thread the needle buzz saw low wave – low wave with circle high wave- alternating hips & shoulder passes behind the back

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B2D 6/25 Cymabls (2/5)

basic 3 over dance steps and walking right & left hand dominant 😉

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B2D Tuesday 6/24 Sword improv (2/9)

review from week one, practice as lead & follow ATS moves: taqsim arm undulations body wave body wave with drops helicopter changing the lead: turn in “at attention” plunging arabic out- rotation balanced turn in & circle up balanced arabic plunge and rotate balanced move: swirl out

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B2D Tuesday 6/24 Turbo Tribal (2/9)

knees!! alignment exercises with a block between the shins. adjust feet and see how the hips up feel 🙂

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B2D Tuesday 6/24 Isolate & flow (2/9)

Horizontal moves- hip slides Horizontal hip circle- (clockwise & counter clockwise) rib slides- horizontal rib circles- (clockwise & counter clockwise) review from week 1

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B2D Wed Poi (1/5) 6/11

planes   over swing / down split- down beat right (l,r,l,r,l,r,l,r- &1&2&3&4) split- down beat left (r,l,r,l,r,l,r,l- &1&2&3&4) under swing/ up split- down beat right (l,r,l,r,l,r,l,r- &1&2&3&4) split- down beat left (r,l,r,l,r,l,r,l- &1&2&3&4)   over/ under stall going from together to split both ways frontal plane over- each hand frontal plane under- each hand stall […]

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B2D Wed Cymbals (1/5) 6/11/14

intro to cymbals sounds timing basic 3 (& a 1) with marching (1,2,3,4) (&a1 &a2 &a3 &a4) with arms with hips with chest practice 🙂

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