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Epic 9/26/13 Thursday 6:30 (5/5)

what next ?? Get cymbals for new session! shoulder review pelvic locks front & back pelvic squares pelvic circles upper back- chest liftchest slides vertical chest circles combo: hip square- R,F,l,B (1,2,3,4) circle r,f,l,b,r,f,l,b (5&6&7&8&) rib square R,U,L,C (1,2,3,4) rib circle r,u,l,c,l,u,r,c (5&6&7&8&) repeat left side dominant

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B2D Wed. 9/25/13 8:45 poi (3/11)

review butter fly reverser butterfly low wave high wave hips behind pass shoulders behind pass pin wheel butter fly to 1/4 turn for direction change with poi continuing 3 beat weave reverse 3 beat weave 3 beat weave variation  

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B2D Wednesday 9/25/13 CanCan choreo (3/11)

discuss costumes skirts’s are ordered 🙂 black bra vest- we can get the black brocade vest no sleeves for $23 will cover your bra straps! bring shoes & a practice skirt  next week   lunges squates but kicks high knees gallop step chase’ (step together step, traveling) knees & kicks kick line giitcha combo […]

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B2D Wednsday 9/25/13 Beginner I (3/11)

review combo 1 review combo 2 shoulder slides forward & back alternating shoulders try to keep torso still and move from shoulder socket (with out rotating elbow back)

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B2D Tuesday 9/24/13 Classical Indian chore (3/11)

choka 5 choka 6 Choka 7 choka 8

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B2D Tuesday 9/24/13 Odd metere drills (3/11)

9/8 1,2  1,2  1,2 1,2,3 interpret beat literally r,l,r,l,r,l l,r,l,r,l,r   walking step, ball change, step & drag… add rib circle

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B2D Tues 9/24/13 6:45 Beginner II (3/11)

wrist circles, propeller turn corkscrew turn

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Epic 9/19 7:30 Tribal fusion (4/5)

arm undulations (what is the difference between snake arms & arm undulations) shimmy drills review Airship Pirate run Airship Pirate, Grapies, Collision plug fragments into connective moves & transitions

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Epic Thurs 9/19 6:30 Tribal (4/5)

warm up belly work for belly rolls upper abs lower abs putting them together body locks upper back upper abs lower abs body rolls (smooth version of body locks) up to down & down to up body wave w/ drops – combination

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B2D Wed 9/18 8:45 Poi Performance (2/11)

our song is Crushed (Now forgotten remix) by Collide. You can purchase it on itunes if you want to start getting use to it. It will be cut off to meet the time length for the show.   we reviewed all moves from last class addes low behind the back pass (from reverse butterfly) – […]

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