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B2D Tues 10/15 8:45 classical indian (6/11)

no class, we will add on 15 mins to class 8,9,10 & 11

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B2D Tues 10/15/13 7:45 (6/11)

no class  you can make up class in any 2 other classes

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B2D 10/15 Tues 6:45 BII (6/11)

reshamka Sununda Arabic flourish

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epic Thurs 10/10/13 7:30 Tribal fusion (2/5)

torso rotation (right & left) wrap around turn   finish Turnsies Connective move: Arabic hip twist Cue: right arm press out left arm press up (5,6) hold 7,8   Sweep right arm down under & up with right cross turn (1,2) left arm across body out & up to finish turn to front […]

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Epic Thurs 10/10/13 6:30 (Tribal belly dance)

vertical hip fig 8s up to down (maya) down to up (taqsim) single side squares (un-weighted) both directions put them together 🙂 traveling: walking forward and back at various speeds with various speed hips finger cymbal- review of basic 3 layer over 2 count moves- alternating hips, Arabic 2, pivot bump, shoo choo bump try […]

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B2D Wed 10/9/13 8:45 poi chore (5/11)

begin in formation with amrs – intro video   over swing stall 1,2 back stall 3,4 over stall 5,6 back stall 7,8 swing swing swing   (over) stall  1,2,3,4 swing swing swing (back)  stall 5,6,7,8 swing swing swing swing (over)  stall 1,2,3,4 swing swing swing (back)  stall 5,6,7,8 split (over) 1-4 circle arms with  split 5 […]

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B2D Wed 10/9/13 7:45 CanCan (5/11)

(&1) hop pose (3,4)swoosh down to left side (5,6) right arm over head turn to front (7,8) sink into pose   walk forward (1,2,3,4) big horizontal rib circle L,f,r,b (5,6)fast interior hip circle l,f,r,b (&7) pause 8   michael jackson scoot to the right 2x (&,1,2  & 3,4) big external hip circle r,b,l,f & 1/2 […]

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B2D Wed 10/9/13 6:45 Beginner I (5/11)

Review posture Review from last week Rib on the up-lifts (slow, med, fast) Ribs on the down Upper abs (slow med, fast) Up – center – down – center Up to down to up to down Vertical circles Vertical circles R, U, L, D (slow, med, fast) Vertical circles L, U, R, D (slow, med, […]

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B2D Tuesday 10/8/13, 8:45 classical indian choreo (5/11)

begin in pose sahra turn – 1-4 prepare, 1-4 pizza delivery, 1-4 up & over, 1-4 hold, 1-4, turn 1-4, pose 1-4 bindi 1-4, pull right arm back 1-4 music change arabic 4 1-4, arabic 3 plunge 1-4, arabic 4 1-4, sweep/ cross turn 1-4 ds swoosh 1-4 ribs angle lift up to left ( […]

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B2D Tuesday 10/8/13, 7:45 odd metered (5/11)

warm up and conditioning drills – pelvic locks, interior hip squares  and layers

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