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B2D tuesday 11/6 7:45 Fragments (8/11)

Alternate reality Connective move: Basic Egyptian cue: right arm sweep to right hip 5,6 left arm to left hip 7,8 Cross turn, wrap arms down center out & up 1,2,3,4 Arabic peel down right side right arm pulls down- flat, ball, ball, ball 5,6,7,8 switch arms flat, ball, ball, ball right arm up left […]

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B2D tuesday 11/6 6:45 b-2 (8/11)

review: Double back Gwahzee shimmy Water pot Chico 4 corners  

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B2D tuesday 5:45 B-1 (3/5)

warm up & review: Seated drills- upper back upper abs lower abs body locks up to down down to up standing drills up roll down down roll up wrist circles hand undulations

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DC Thursday 11/1 b-2 technique (10/10)

lots of review 🙂 New: Pacman- hips full time down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) right arm out left up, bring left down to join right (1-4) and sweep ams down behind and up as you turn over your left shoulder (5,6,7,8) can add revers turn with hip up, for an extra 8 at the end   double back […]

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DC Thursday 11/1 fusion fragments (10/10)

Alternate reality Connective move: Basic Egyptian cue: right arm sweep to right hip 5,6 left arm to left hip 7,8   Cross turn, wrap arms down center out & up 1,2,3,4 Arabic peel down right side right arm pulls down- flat, ball, ball, ball 5,6,7,8 switch arms flat, ball, ball, ball  right arm up […]

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DC Thursday 11/1 fragments (10/10)

Turnsies Connective move: Arabic hip twist Cue: right arm press out left arm press up (5,6) hold 7,8   Sweep right arm down under & up with right cross turn (1,2) left arm across body out & up to finish turn to front (3,4) Walking full time ¾ shimmy on the down R,L,R,L to […]

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DC Thursday 11/1 electronic expression (10/10)

song: Rain(feat. Sara Kay) Klaypex /Loose Dirt combo: maya right (1,2) pull center to interior hip circle L,F,R, B (&3&4) ribs left around roll down  center (5,6,7) roll up (8) maya left (1,2) pull center to interior hip circle R,F,R,B (&,3&,4) ribs right around & roll down center (5&6&) shimmy roll up (&7) chest […]

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B2D Wed 10/31 8:45 intro to fragments (8/11)

chills and thrills   connective move: double back 1, 2, 3, 4   5                                                                                    6 cue: right arm cross behind head & out to the side, left arm out to the side 7                                                             &    8 cross right foot over left  & cross turn over left shoulder.  Arms come in     1 & 2 […]

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B2D Wed 10/31 7:45 skirt (8/11)

counts : with music (flub in middle but just keep going 🙂 1-8 basic step with heel drag and swinging arms (arms left, down, right up) step r,l,r,l   big cross over step with knee lift r, right arm presses out 1, big cross over step with knee lift l, left arm press […]

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B2D Wednesday 10/31 6:45 beginner 1 (8/11)

Review posture Review from last week 4/4 shimmy Alternate hips – (slow, med, fast) Hold fast shimmy Football shimmy Alternating hips weighted on the up- faster & faster to “foot ball shimmy” travel with it ¾ Shimmy weighted (Step lift, drop, lift) Right side (Step lift, drop, lift) Left side Alternating steps Heel-toe-toe-shimmy Shoulder shimmy […]

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