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B2D Tuesday 1/29/13 Brain Busters (4/10)

sequential body locks (upper back, upper abs, lower abs, neutral) walking db right 1/4 hips alternating db left 1/2 body locks up to down 1/4 time walking db right 1/2 time hips db left 1/2 time bpdy locks & wave db upper back- up to down 1/4 walking db right 1/2 body locks 1/2 time db […]

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B2D Tuesday 1/29/13 Beginner 1 (4/10)

Week 4 – Front to Back Movements and Circles Review posture Review from last week Rib on the up-lifts (slow, med, fast) Ribs on the down Upper abs (slow med, fast) Up – center – down – center Up to down to up to down Vertical circles Vertical circles R, U, L, D (slow, med, […]

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DC Thur 11 Semi- private (1/6)

review part 1  of the choreo break down

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Epic Thurs 1/24 7:30 fierce fusion (3/10)

warm up shimmy drills finish Sassafrass Michael Jackson hop (body wave, left right)Stripper 8 (big fig 8 front to back with 3/4 shimmy) finish turn (1,2,3,4) up roll down/ Michael Jackson (5,6,7,8) stripper 8 L,R,L,R, L (1,2,3,4) L-5 & wrap arms in and turn over left shoulder back to front (6,7,8)  

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Epic Thurs 1/24 6pm Beginner 1 (3/10)

review posture review from last two weeks Horizontal Movement: Horizontal hip twist right forward- left back, left forward- right back side to side weight shift diagonal weight shift horizontal fig 8 front to back horizontal fig 8 back to front Shoulder isolations drill right drill left alternating right/left combo: fig 8 front to back right […]

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B2D Wed 1/23 8:45 Sword choreo (3/10) traveling slash & drag (step right 1, together 3, step left 5, together 7) slash (1,2) around (3,4) down (5) drag (6) flip (7) hold (8) 1st 1-8 in place 2nd 1-8 in place start walking on the 3rd count of 8 walk for 6 counts of 8 drop sword to right hip for […]

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B2D Wed 1/23 7:45 Beginner 2 (3/10)

review week 1 & 2 Turkish Shimmy (4 counts) 3/4 shimmy- weighted, over step forward, in place, back, in place dominant arms opens & back to neutral cue to left side dominant look left on 1 arms pull in & turn to left (5,6,7,8) left dominant (1,2,3,4,5,6) arms pull in turn back to right (7,8) […]

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B2D Wed 1/23 6:45 ATS (3/10)

no notes… no students 🙁   bring your finger cymbals!!

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B2D Tues 1/22 8:45 Fragments (3/10)

Rumor Arabic hip twist cue: arms push up & pivot turn on right to back then back to front (5,6,7,8) double back (right, left, drop drop) 1,2,3,4 interior hip circle R,F,L,B/ left arm swings in & up (5,6) left hip down 2x (7,8) cross touch right, left (1,2) arms pull down – stage right cross […]

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B2D Tues 1/22 7:45 Brian Busters (3/10)

alternating hips (1/2 time) with:- rib slides -rib squares (clockwise and counter clockwise) shimmy with: -external hip circles -external chest circles -horizontal 8’s front to back/ back to front- internal squares and circles – body locks and waves Traveling: walking 1/4 and 1/2 timewith chest lift 1/4 time & 1/2 time with chest slides 1/4 […]

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