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B2D Wed 2/13 8:45 Sword choreo (6/10)

Valkyrie Sword dance Keep it in the family- song   1-8, 1-8 intro 1-8 1st group begins with walking slash & drag 1-8 2nd group begins 1-8 3rd group begins 1-8 4th group beings 1-8 everyone keeps walking 1-8 every one keeps walking   sword down to right hip (1) shave up right side […]

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B2D Wed 2/14 7:45 Beginner 2 (6/10)

reviewed double back review chico 4 corners New: Romka Turn- plunge arms down and back to chest with Arabic 3 (flat, ball, ball, ball)  1,2,3,4 open amrs right low, left high and cross right foot over left &  turn  5, 6 (sweep right arm down & up) 3/4 shimmy right, left 7,8 Sununda– 3/4 shimmy […]

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B2D 2/13 Wed 6:45 ATS (6/10)

reviewed double back New: Reshamka– hip bump forward with wrist flips working up 1-8 basic Egyptian back 1-8 Sununda– 3/4 shimmy over foot pattern right foot dominant step across-r, in place-l, open-r, in place-l, across-r, in place-l, open-r, in place-l right arm closes over with right foot, opens up with right foot open step behind- […]

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B2D Tuesday 2/13 8:45 Fragments (6/10)

review in groups Shimmy Shakedown SassafrassRumors Indi Grapies Turnsies   direction change: Basic Egyptian 1/2 turn- force lead change to back Turkish 1/4 turn – set up 1/4 or 3/4 lead steal    

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B2D 2/13 7:45 Brain Busters (6/10)

hot box: shoulder r-back, l-forward, r- forward, l-back (1,2,3,4) twisting vertical fig 8, up to down r-front, l-back, r-back, l- front (1,2,3,4) layer 🙂 sequenced body locks & drills- upper back, upper abs, lower abs, lower back upper back & upper abs- drill together upper abs & lower back- drill together upper back & lower […]

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B2D Tues 2/13 Beginner 1 6:45 (6/10)

Week 6: Vertical Figure 8’s Down to Up & Arm Undulations Review posture Review from last week Un-weighted vertical- side squares- down, out- up- in / Right side Un-weighted vertical side circle- down-out-up-in Both feet flat vertical- side squares- down, out- up- in / Right side Both feet flat vertical side circle- down-out-up-in Un-weighted vertical- […]

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Epic Thursday 2/7/13 7:30 Fusion (5/10)

weighted drills on the down (right & left) alternating downs (weighted) slow/ med/ fast 3/4 on the down (weighted) 3/4 on the down traveling 3/4 on the down with a maya slow/ med/ fast calibrated spins (slow/ med/ fast) Turnsies: Connective move: Arabic hip twist Cue: right arm press out left arm press up (5,6) […]

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Epic 2/7/13 6:00 B-1 (5/10)

Body Locks & Waves Do “bridge roll down” in warm up Review posture Review from last week Drill Upper back (slow, med, fast) Upper abs (slow, med, fast) Upper back- center- upper abs- center (slow, med, fast) Upper back to upper abs to upper back (slow, med, fast) Lower abs (slow, med fast) Lower Back […]

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B2D Wed 8:45 Sword (5/10)

no class tonight 🙁 we will add 15 mins on to the next 4 classes to make up for the lost time! Please review the video and see you next week! Bella

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B2D Wed 7:45 2/6/13 B-2 (5/10)

review: Chico 4 corners Basic Egyptian Arabic 2 & hip twistTurkish Shimmy New:Wrap Around Turn Arabic Flourish  

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