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B2D Tuesday 2/26 6:45 Beginner 1 (8/10)

Review from last week 4/4 shimmy Alternate hips – (slow, med, fast) Hold fast shimmy Choo Choo- traveling hip bump Alternating weighted hips- right foot in releve & add steps “choo choo” right Alternating weighted hips- left foot in releve & add steps “choo choo” left Football shimmy Alternating hips weighted on the up- faster […]

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Epic Thurs 2/21 7:30 Fusion (6/10)

4/4 shimmy layer with horizontal fig 8- front to back horizontal shoulders- singles and alternating4./4 shoulder shimmy front to back layer with torso rotation double back (up, up- down down, with arms)double back swoosh horizontal rib circle- clockwise & counter clockwise over grape vine to right & to left head ribs hip- side body wave […]

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Epic Thurs. 2/21 6:00 B-1 (6/10- 1/5)

review body locks and body waves Vertical Figure 8’s on the Down & Snake Arms Review posture Un-weighted vertical- side squares- lift, out- down- in / Right side Un-weighted vertical side circle- up-out-down-in Both feet flat vertical- side squares- lift, out- down- in / Right side Both feet flat vertical side circle- up-out-down-in Un-weighted vertical- […]

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B2D WED 2/20 8:45 VALKYRIE SWORD (7/10)

PART 4 Valkyrie Sword dance Keep it in the family- song 1-8, 1-8 intro 1-8 1st group begins with walking slash & drag 1-8 2nd group begins 1-8 3rd group begins 1-8 4th group beings 1-8 everyone keeps walking 1-8 every one keeps walking sword down to right hip (1) shave up right side […]

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B2D Wed 2/20 7:45 Bginner 2 (7/10)

Wrap around turn Water pot Ghwazee Shimmy review: Romka Turn Arabic 4 Arabic 2 Turkish Shimmy Choco 4 corners 3/4 shimmy

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B2D Wed 2/20, 6:45 ATS (7/10)

zills 1,2,3,4 alternating r,l,r,l add hips alternating r,l,r,l zills 1&2&3&4& r,l,r,l,r,l,r,l add hips alternating 1,2,3,4 r,l,r,l zills 1e&a2e&a3e&a4e&a r,l,r,l,r,l,r,l,r,l,r,l,r,l,r,l add hips 1,2,3,4 r,l,r,l basic 3 1 &a2 &a3 &a4 r,l,r r,l,r r,l,r r,l,r add hips 1,2,3,4 r,l,r,l review: Arabic hip twit Arabic 2 Basic Egyptian Pivot pump choo choo bump Turkish Turkish 1/4 turn chico […]

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B2D Tuesday 2/19 8:45 Fragments (7/10)

review: Shimmy Shakedown Sassafras Rumors Indi Grapies Turnsies with direction change to DashKhaleena

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B2D Tuesday 2/19 7:45 Brain Buster (7/10)

review taqsim (vertical 8, down to up) vary weight placement vertical rib fig 8s- down to up (no head) arm undulations put them together= sidewinder taqsim traveling: 1/4 time hips (2 counts each side) db right over 1/8 feet, db right 1/4 time feet, db right 1/2 time feet, db right 1/8 time hips (4 […]

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B2D Tuesday 2/ 19, 6:45 Beginner 1 (7/10)

Review posture Review from last week Rib on the up-lifts (slow, med, fast) Ribs on the down Upper abs (slow med, fast) Up – center – down – center Up to down to up to down Vertical circles Vertical circles R, U, L, D (slow, med, fast) Vertical circles L, U, R, D (slow, med, […]

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Valkyrie bra info

Begin with the left cup/ brown fabric pin fabric along the top line of the bra cup you may need to clip some of the curve to get the fabric to lie flat with our pulling on the foam cup ______________________________________________________ stitch down the top edge ______________________________________________________ use pins to lay out the rest of […]

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