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B2D Wed 4/24 7:45 Beginner 1 (6/10)

Review posture Review from last week Un-weighted vertical- side squares- lift, out- down- in / Right side Un-weighted vertical side circle- up-out-down-in Both feet flat vertical- side squares- lift, out- down- in / Right side Both feet flat vertical side circle- up-out-down-in Un-weighted vertical- side squares- lift, out- down- in / Left side Un-weighted vertical […]

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B2D Wed 4/24 6:45 Hybrid (6/10)

intro to Fusion Fragments From “high move”-to- Arabic Hip Twist- “press” arms pull down to chest, palms flat to the ground, fingers toward each other, hips R, L, R, L (can add ¾ shimmy) 5, 6, 7, 8   From “high move” -to- Taqsim- “wrist circles” arms come out & down to shoulders with 2 […]

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B2D Tuesday 4/23 8:45 drum solo cymbal choreo (6/10)   part 4: horizontal fig 8 front to back right with a hit  1,2,3’ 4 horizontal fig 8 front to back left side with a hi 5,6,7’ 8 horizontal fig 8 front to back right with a hit  1,2,3’ 4 horizontal fig 8 front to back left side with a hit 5,6,7’ 8   […]

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B2D Tuesday 4/23 7:45 cymbals (6/10)

2:05 1&2& 3     5& 6 & 7 1&2&3 e&4 & 5& 6 & 7 1&2&3        5 & 6 & 7 1&2&3e&4 & 5& 6 & 7 1&2&3     5 &6 & 7 1&2&3 & 4 & 5 & 6 &7   1   3    567   1e & 2  & 3 e & 4   5 & […]

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B2D Tuesday 4/23 6:45 Beginner 2 (6/10)

review of 3/4 shimmy Sununda (16 count) 3/4 with foot work & arms Double Back (8 counts) R,L, drop, drop   L,R, drop, dropwith arms review Basic Egyptian review Chico 4 corners  

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Epic Thursday 4/18/13 7:30 Dubstep (3/5) right shoulder fig 8 scoop forward  and back (1,2) ribs r,f,l,b  (&3&4) maya r, l (with low arm wave) 5,6 tuck roll up 7,8   left shoulder fig 8 scoop front back (1,2) ribs l,f,r,b (&374) out & around on right 5,6- lock center cross turn over left shoulder 7,8   stop facing dance […]

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Epic Thursday 4/18/13 6:30 Tribal Belly Dance (3/5)

we reviewed Arabics 2 & 4, pivo bump and choo choo bump we learned: Basic Egyptian (twist, shift, shift & step/ same arm pulls back on the twist) Double Back (step lift, step lift, catch your weight on starting leg & down, down) R, L- down left, down left   L,R down Right, down Right

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B2D Wed 4/17 8:45 fusion fan (5/10)

Fusion fan choreo   5 kneeling 7 walking in from sides     kneeling ladies have back toward audience & begin creepy arm undulations fans for walking in people are set     1-4 arm undulations   5-8 Lori & Brittany begin walking in 1,3,5,7   1-8 the rest of the walkers begin Linda […]

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B2D Wed 4/17/13 7:45 Beginner 1 (5/10)

warm up & review from previous weeks new:chest lift (upper back) slow, med, fast chest on the down (upper abs) slow, med, fast slides (right to left) chest squares L,U,R,D  & R,U,L,D (slow, med) chest circles- clockwise and counter clockwise  (slow, med) pelvic tuck or lock forward (lower abs) slow, med, fast pelvic lock back […]

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B2D Wed 4/17/13 6:45 Hybrid (5/10)

discussed make up options from last week, voted for 2 make up’s in other classes over class starting early discussed professional belly dance, making a living, providing safe space for learning and performing review basic 3 with cymbals and ATS moves (Egyptian, double back, pivot bump, arabic 2, arabic 4)

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