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B2D Wed 6/5 7:45 Beginner II (1/10)

Welcome, intro and warm up   All movements done on right & left side & slow/ med/ fast Pivot bump (un-weighted hip lift) Choo Choo right & left (alternating weighted hips on the up, with one foot in releve’) Arabic 1- Flat, ball (2 counts) Arabic 2- Ball, ball (2 counts) Arabic 3- flat, ball, […]

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B2D Wed 6/5 6:45 Intro to Fragments (1/10)

Connective Moves & Transitions Note: remember you must transition to a different plane. All Transitions happen the same as all cues on “5”.     From “high move”-to- Arabic Hip Twist- “press” arms pull down to chest, palms flat to the ground, fingers toward each other, hips R, L, R, L (can add ¾ shimmy) […]

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B2D Tues 6/4 8:45 Int. Fragments (1/10)

review Airship Pirate Airship Pirate review Alternate Reality Alternate Reality

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B2D Tuesday 6/4 7:45 Locks/ Layers/ Traveling (1/10)

warm up and conditioning alternating hip singles w/ glutes (full time db right) releve’, passe’, hight passe’, at attention, Rond de jambe & step behind  repeat on other side arms 1- shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger (one at a time, both, smooth & sharp, vary speeds) arms 2- fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulders (one at a time, […]

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B2D Tuesday 6/4 6:45 Beginner 1 (1/10)

B1 combo Week 1: Up & Down Welcome & Demo Posture & why it is important Arm placement & patterns Weight Placement (heel off of the floor isolation, bending knee with out hip) Singles un-weighted Singles on the up un-weighted R (slow, med & fast) Singles on the up un-weighted L (slow, med & fast) […]

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Epic Thursday 5/30 6:30 & 7:30 (5 & 6 of 6)

chico 4 corners chico pass combo facing each other 1 set of chico (1-4) step close to each other on the 2nd set of chico (1-4) pass each other on the right step for the 3rd set of chico (1-4) review: Ghaweze Shimmy review Water Pot lead and follow with chico pass arabic 4arabic 2 […]

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B2D Wed 5/29 fan (10/10)

review dance no mirror new part 🙂

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B2D Wed 5/29 7:45 Beginner 1 (10/10)

review of cross turn and sneak turn (right and left dominant) combo: cross right, touch left cross left, touch right step behind right, sneak turn arms switch body wave up to down step back right, body wave step back left and left side dominant  

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B2D Wed 5/29 6:45 Hybrid (10/10)

review of: Connective moves Milk and Honey Rumors Grapies Indi

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B2D Tuesday 5/28 7:45 & 8:45 cymbals and drum solo (10/10)

review patterns and choreo and run full speed

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