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B2D tues 6/18 6:45 b-1 (3/10)

arm up review of week 1 & week 2 twists weight shifts horizontal fig 8- front to back horizontal fig 8- back to front shoulders: singles- front to back alternating front/back   combo: right shoulder- front-back(1,2) left shoulder -front-back(3,4) alternating f,b,f,b (5,6,7,8) horizontal 8 front to back- right (1,2) left (3,4) right (5,6) left (7,8) […]

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DC Thursday practice

Wrap Around Turn review Water Pot

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B2D 6/12- no Improv class- see homework below :)

pick 2 of your favorite songs and dance at home 1st -moving to the tempo (1,2,3,4 like ATS) 2nd- moving to the drum bass line 3rd-moving to the melody or lyrics.  

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B2D Wed 6/12 7:45 Beginner 2 (2/10)

¾ shimmy Chico 4 corners Reach & sit   assign each student one move to lead (no rotation) just from front of the room: from: pivot bump (both sides) choo choo bump arabic 1 arabic 2arabic 3 arabic 4 3/4 shimmy chico reach & sit

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B2D Wed 6/12 6:45 intro to fragments (2/10)

review indi run with  connective moves,  lead change, Milk & Honey, Grapies and Rumors

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B2D Tues 6/11 8:45 advanced Fragments (2/10)

review: Spit Fire Spitfire   Connective Move: Arabic Hip Twist 5                  6                                                                                    7          & Cue:  R arms come up (left down) & cross R foot over, pull behind head as you turn to 7          &                                           8 face front, arms press out to sides to begin ghost walk     1    2     3      4 Snake arms […]

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B2D Tues 6/11 7:45 Drills (2/10)

warm up foot ball shimmy- 5 mins snake arms- 6 mins (use a 6 mins song with no stops!  you can alternate between arms undulations and snake arms) add alternating hips for distratction pelvic locks front pelvic locks back pelvic squares (R,F,L,B) (L,F,R,B) add hips squares to traveling (hips 1/4 time & 1/2 time & […]

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B2D Tuesday 6/11 6:45 Beginner 1 (2/10)

Week 2 – Horizontal Movements Review posture Review hips from last week Horizontal hip slides side to side (slow, med, fast) Horizontal hips forward & back External hip circles Horizontal – external hip circles R, F, L, B (slow, med, fast) Horizontal – external hip circles L, F, R, B (slow, med, fast) Alternating direction […]

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DC Thursday Practice

Corkscrew turn Propeller turn

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B2D 6/5 8:45 Improv & musicality (1/10)

introduction Improvisation is the essence of Belly Dance in the Middle East; free movement that channels the spirit of the music through the dancer. Movement that lives in the moment has a very different feeling to it. It has the power to shift audiences to the heights of ecstasy or the vulnerability of tears. Belly […]

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