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EPIC Thurs 7/11 6:30 Tribal (1/5)

what is tribal belly dance? warm up posture upper back – chest lift upper abs- ribcage drop lower abs- pelvic tuck traveling locks- upper back/ upper abs/ lower abs/ neutral posture smooth it out up roll down add Arabic 2 feet- ball change vary speed

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B2D Wed 7/10 8:45 improv (6/10)

write a list of the moves you know “noodle” around and play with them and the music what did you notice? pick 3 1st exercise- dance your move and try making it big, small, traveling 2nd exercise- dance move 2- explore corners of room, levels 3rd exercise- dance move 3- explore front and back of […]

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B2D Wed 7/10 7:45 B-2 (6/10)

review all moves 3/4 shimmy Sununda- 16 counts, 3/4 with feet & arms Reshamka- “ringing” movement with hip bump 1-8 egyptian back 1-8 Arabic Flourish- cue on 1 with a look over the right shoulder reach to back & push turn, hands stay back and push turn back to front (4 counts)

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B2D Wed 7/10 6:45 firece & flirty (6/10)

continue with Spitfire Spitfire grapevine and put combos together… Spit Fire Connective Move: Arabic Hip Twist 5 6 7 & Cue: R arms come up (left down) & cross R foot over, pull behind head as you turn to 7 & 8 face front, arms press out to sides to begin ghost walk 1 […]

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Tuesday 7/9/13 Advanced Fragments (6/10)

Silver Screen   to song- me and you by filter

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B2D Tuesday 7/9/13 7:45 locks, layers and traveling (6/10)

conditioning :)glutes pilates body waves 1/4 and 1/2 time seated combo up to down 1/4 time up to down 1/2, 1/2 down to up 1/4 time down to up 1/2, 1/2 standing over Zoe feet up to down and down to up

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B2D Tuesday 7/9/13 6:45 Beginner 1 (6/10)

review all combos week 1-5 vertical fig 8 down to up singe side- unweighted circle (right & left) single side with neutral weight (right & left) put them together to alternate – vertical fig 8 down to up= Maya   arm undulations arms start high- pull down elbow, wrist, hinge/ press and float put them […]

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DC practice!!

New session beginning THIS THURSDAY!! Turnsies:  

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B2D Wed. 7/3, 8:45 Improvisation & musicality (4/10)

class will be longer each week to make up for lost time. 🙂 meditation to overcome fear fall back combo- Make a fall back combo to the rhythm (D,D,tktkt, D, tktkt tktkt) Masmoudi Kabir showcase it to the rhythm make a fall back combo to the count 1-8 showcase it to the 8 count float […]

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B2D Wed. July 3, 7:45 Beginner II (5/10)

review intro to double back (8 counts) up, up, down down with arms wrap around turn – step out 1,2, turn to back & open arms 3,4, arms float up 5,6  wrap & finish 1 1/2 to front 7,8

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