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B2D Tuesday 7/30, 8:45 Advanced fragments (9/10)

  reviewed Transformer!   Connective move: ¾ shimmy   Cue: hands “z” down with ¾ shimmy       1    2                                                              3, 4 Sneek turn (right behind left), reverse walk back R, L   5                                  6                                                     &  7  &  8 Pull arms up & then down body w/ body wave, rib circle L, F, R, […]

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B2D Tuesday 7/30, 7:45 locks, layers & traveling (9/10)

warm up shoulder: slides, lifts & drops over & back r & l squares alternating squares (right & left) conditioning maya (with varied weight placement) maya super slow, slow, med, fast with walking 4 count maya walking 1/4 time 2 count maya walking 1/4 time

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B2D Tuesday 7/30, 6:45 Beginner 1 (9/10)

cross touch cross touch with arms cross turn (using heels) right & left side sneak turn right & left side   review of combo 1,2,3,4,5,6

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Epic Thursday 7/24, 7:30 fusion (3/5)

review and drill Colission

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Epic Thursday 7/25. 6:30 Tribal (3/5)

seated body locks upper back upper abs lower abs sequences upper back to center to upper abs to center upper back to upper abs & back upper abs to center to lower abs to center Upper abs to lower abs & back lock upper back, upper abs, lower abs, neutarl reverse- lower abs, upper abs. […]

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B2D Wedensay 7/24, 8:45 Improv and musicality (8/10)

movement quality and working with sound.   your home work: practice going back & forth between rhythm & 8 count how to describe sound with movement: sharp soft curved linear earthy etherial etc… just dance to the “D” what does it feel liek dance to “D” and “t, k” add finger cymbals… what do they […]

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B2D Wednesday 7/24, 7:45 Beginner II (8/10)

Slow movements   taqsim with arm undulation camel step (right & left) torso rotation body wave with drops Helicopter

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B2D Wednesday 7/24, 6:45 (8/10)

finish & review SpitFire

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B2D Tuesday 7/23, 8:45 advanced Fragments (8/10)

review: Silver Screen Bent and what ever we could remember Colission Fusion fuel Spit fire Turnsies Grapies… add what you remember 🙂

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B2D Tuesday 7/23, 7:45 Locks, layers & traveling (8/10)

warm up internal hip squares- R,F,L,B and L,F,R,B rib squares walking squares 1/4  & 1/2 time db right (counter clockwise) and alternate with rib squares walking 1.4 time   hips 1,2,3,4,5&6&7&8& ribs 1,2,3,4 5&6&7&8& change db to left

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