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B2d Tues 10/23 Art 7 Science of choreography (6/10)

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16 ways to manipulate:

1.Repetition- repeat exactly the same

2.Retrograde- perform backwards, start at end and rewind

3.Inversion-upside down or laterally (may have to stand on your head)

4.Size- condense/ expand- small as you can, big as you can

5.Tempo- fast.slow.stop- (not smaller, or bigger, just faster or slower)

6.Rhythm- vary the rhythm, but not tempo, pattern of beats not speed

7.Quality- try quivering, drifting, eratic

8.Instrumentation- perform movement with different part of the body

9.Force- great deal of strength, very little effort (only force not timing)

10.Background- the shape of the rest of the body, sitting, standing

11.Staging- different location, facing a different way

12.Embelishment (ornamentation)-movement can be an embellishment or use another part of the body (fingers etc)

13.Change of planes/ levels-horizontal/ vertical/ sagittal

14.Additive/ Incorporative- jump, turn or locomotion

15.Fragmentation-single out a part which might be over looked, use pieces, beginning, end,

16.Combination- do multiple things at the same time.


reviewed what people have so far (8-16 counts)

Due: 32 counts choreographed

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