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B2D 4/19 Wednesday 7:30 ‘Circus Choreo’ (4/10)

Where to order Keppra, Can i buy Keppra over the counter in uk


press out & step right (1)
pin wheel arms & turn to face stage right (2 & 3 & 4) end left up- right out
bring right arm to audience and step on right foot (5)
pizza delivery turn-left arm down, right arm & foot sweep behind (6,7,8)

exterior hip circle- step right foot and hips – right, back, left and center (1,2,3,4)
hop right, touch left- right arm up (&5) sight head toss 5
hold (6,7,8)
body wave down to up, left palm flips up then pulls in & flips out & up (1,2,3,4)

hop left and drop down- right leg out, right hand to floor (& 5)
hold (6,7,8)
look up (1)
pull up (2,3,4,5)
reverse body wave up (6,7,8)

helicopter turning over right shoulder
ribs- l,f,r,c (&,1,&,2)
hips- r-b-l-f (&,3,&,4)
ribs- l,f,r,c (&,5,&,6)
hips- r,b,l,f (&,7,&,8)

football shimmy r,l,r,l (1&2&37475&6&7&8)
arms out & up (1-4)
left arm down to chest and turn over left shoulder (5-8)
football shimmy r,l,r,l (1&2&37475&6&7&8)
left arm out & up, right arm out, down & in to chest (1-4)
right arm up to meet left (5)
bring both arms down (6,7,8)

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